Terms and rules

1. Do not promote or encourage the violation of any of our rules or TOS.
2. Do not abuse the reports support ticket system.
2.1 Do not report members/content for a reason which has already been denied.
2.2 Do not spam the support ticket system with the same reason or content.
3. Do not create multiple accounts.
3.1 Do not create posts outside the support section when using an account for support..
4. Do not slander or otherwise trash another member, person, or thread.
4.1 Do not disrespect, harass, hate on, or troll another member or person.
4.2 Do not continue to send a member content, or content regarding them after being asked by them to stop..
5. Do not post content in a language other than English or without an English translation unless consented and limited to private conversation.
6. Do not false advertise, post screamers, promote clickbait, or rickroll.
6.1 Do not post content requesting the addition of a specific member into staff, staff are hand picked when necessary..
7. Do not post pornographic, sexually explicit, graphic, or otherwise NSFW content.
8. Do not post links with the intention of producing revenue or other content from users clicking the link.
9. Do not share your account passwords or other login credentials with other members.
10. Do not spam or promote spam anywhere on our site.
11. Do not continue to argue with staff members over staffing related decisions after it has been finalized.
11.1 Do not add staff members to a conversation related to or requiring staffing duties without prior permission.
12. Do not discuss, link, or promote any external gangs or communities.
13. Do not post threads in the wrong forum/section.
14. Do not advertise any external websites which are not portfolio/team sites for services currently offered on Snipe Market.
14.1 Do not advertise your product/service on another member’s thread.
15. Do not offer to buy/sell any product/service in the inappropriate category.
15.1 Do not offer to buy/sell an item or service you do not intend to provide/pay for.
16. Do not bid anything you're not committed to paying. Retracting bids is allowed only at the seller's discretion.
17. Do not offer to sell any product or services belonging to a banned or suspended member on Snipe Market.
18. Do not ask for vouch copies on a thread.